Belgian Malinois & Shepinois (Gsd/Malinois) 


Moosette our White German Shepherd Dog----is a white gsd 


 Moosette has been a very valuable and loyal pet in our family.She has shown a very strong protective, and strong desire to please ever since she was a puppy. She is very alert and listens well,and is very obedient.She has all of the personality of the more dominant working gsd like her dad who was a black/tan saddle back gsd and mom who was a white gsd. .See more photos of her in the photo section

 However, the White Shepherd evolved from a continuous selection for a working companion dog with that exclusive color, beauty and elegance as seen both standing and in motion. His high degree of intelligence and sense of loyalty have allowed him to become one of the most versatile working dogs (as well as pets) known to man The white gsd is vocal tending to whine, mumble or grumble in order to communicate with you.He/she is poised yet eager and alert when the occasion demands.They serve as companions,watchdogs,herding dogs, or guardians.


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